Clients' Review

Kevin Liew

Thank you A Life Group for being such amazing support to life. The agents are on point and know their ball game very well. Very quick respond and helpful.
Ps. They even deliver cake to your doorstep during your birthday and visit you when are hospitalise, how thoughtful !
Great service !

Clement H'ng

感恩和感谢A Life Group带给我无限的保障,在不久前我有急事要进院时还好有我好朋友好的保险代理员Mandy Tan的帮忙,虽然那时候的她也病到很严重,不过她用了她的专业精神来帮我争取住院的服务因为我是皮肤病一般来说皮肤保险比较难通过,那时候我真的感受到她的专业精神和坚持!
打从认识她开始她对她的专业精神和坚持是无可限量。希望你Mandy把A Life Group的团队越做越好越成功,那就是我们这些客户的荣幸了。
最后真心感谢A Life Group和Mandy您带给我无限的保障,有你这么好的保险代理真的是我们的荣幸!我会一直支持到底。


The best insurance agency that I have with AIA. All of my family members bought policies under a trustworthy agent from this group. I’m glad to have her in my life because she is always there to help us during the admission period at hospital even though some minor claims. The insurer AIA Bhd is giving very quick response from the admission till discharge period during the stay in hospital.
I won’t be painful in paying the monthly premium for myself and my daughter. In fact i’m blessed that i have the insurance policy so that i can get the best treatment and consultation in private hospital without worry. A Life Group really provide the best Service, Professional advises to the clients. Most importantly, the agents are thoughtful and sincere people. I appreciate it so much and i’m sure will be their loyal customer forever.


They said Insurance agent could be your worst nightmare, trust me I’ve met the worst kind of agents that ONLY know how to upsell but NO aftersales service. But in my case, she is by far the GREATEST agent I’ve ever met in my life and she’s also my Guardian angel, Mandy from A Life Group!
I’ve faced a lot of difficulties with my father’s insurance policy and she was there to help even though it was under a different insurance company. Worst still when I lost my Father on June’17, I’ve encounter even more issues. Without second thought she offered a helping hand and was there to help and guide me through the entire process of getting the compassionate funds, whereby my father’s agent didn’t even give a damn thing about it!
Right now I ensure my family and myself are getting well covered and protected under her shield with AIA Bhd. So what are you waiting for?

Lay Hoon

感恩我家的保险代理员的悉心服务。她让我们一家人感受到 A Life Group 的热情和诚信。A Life Group 的服务质量真的一级棒!!这保险买得值!! 万分感恩认识到 A Life Group !